Friday, June 24, 2011

Sophia Nye

Sophia Nye was christened on 6 April 1817 at Hadlow in County Kent, England. She never married and lived with her parents, John Nye and Anne Randall, on their farm until their deaths. In 1841 she was listed as a dress maker.

After her parents death she and her sister Ann Nye continued to live on the family farm and to operate it with the help of their cousin Henry who was the son of Harriet Nye, daughter of Richard Nye and Elizabeth Avis.

In 1867, Winchester Farm - then owned by Sophia and Ann Nye - had an extremely abundant harvest, from which the Nye sisters donated £250 to entirely fund the construction of the Zion Baptist Church on Pembury Road, Tonbridge.

At the time the 1871 census was taken Ann was in Maidstone visiting with their brother Thomas Cotton Nye and his family so Sophia was listed as the head of the household in Hadlow. She was farming 90 acres and employing 5 men and 2 boys. Cousin Henry continued to be the manager of the farm. Rhoda Dedman was visiting, she later married Henry.

Sophia died on 20 March 1876 at Hadlow, less than three months after her brother Thomas died. She was buried alongside her brother and her parents in Borough Green, Kent (click to see headstone). Later their sister Ann was buried there also.

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