Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In front of the Nye home

This is the duplex house where the family of John and Ann Randall Nye lived - 92 Higham Lane, Tonbridge, Kent.

The brother, Thomas Nye, lived in the left half of the house at 90 Higham Lane.

The top photo was taken in August 2010, the second one was taken in 2002 and the third one is from an unknown date and was the old original farm house evidently taken from the back of the house. Between 2002 and 2010 the house was remodeled with an addition on the right side of the photograph.

When the Nye family lived here from about 1840 to 1882, it was called Winchester Farm and was considered part of the village of Hadlow.

Click here to see interior photos.

The current owners advised us that the house was formerly surrounded by fields and orchards, and the land was subdivided in the 1970s and incorporated into Tonbridge.

When John and Ann Nye died, the farm passed into the hands of their daughters, Sophia and Ann Nye.

Janice Nye Lutz at the Nye family home, August 2010


  1. Very nice blog, my name is Nye, Rickon Nye and I also live in Kent.

  2. Hi Rick - great to hear from you! We must be part of the same family tree somewhere - hope we can keep in touch and share information.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I have been researching my Grandad Nye he fought in the first world war at Ypres where he was in the machine gun corps. Unfortunately he was gassed which I think contributed to his death in his early 60's. He was a lovely gentle man who you wouldn't think could have said a cross word, yet alone fire a machine gun.

  4. John is my 5th paternal great grandfather. I found out that you wrote a book about the family and I wanted to read it. I've searched different places to try and find it and I can't find it anywhere

    1. Hi Kennedy - thanks for your message. Sorry for the delay in replying. If you will email me I will be happy to make arrangements to get you a copy of the book! michael.bouy@gmail.com