Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zion Baptist Church - Pembury Road, Tonbridge

We were able to visit the Zion Baptist Church on Pembury Road, Tonbridge during our time in Kent. Ann Nye and Sophia Nye donated the money to have this little Church built in 1867.

Foundation stone of Zion Baptist Church, Tonbridge
The Nye family had apparently been participating in the Baptist church for a number of generations, and as such were considered under British law to be "non-conformists" - that is, they did not conform to the Church of England.

According to Pastor Tim Fields, a new Baptist congregation was started in Tonbridge and did not have a meeting house. In 1867, Winchester Farm - then owned by Sophia and Ann Nye - had an extremely abundant harvest, from which the Nye sisters donated £250 to entirely fund the construction of the Zion Baptist Church on Pembury Road, Tonbridge.

Pastor Tim Field has been pastor of the church for 12 years, and has spent considerable effort and funds to restore and maintain the church during that time. He was thrilled to meet descendants of the Nye family and graciously allowed us to view the interior and took the photo of us together.

Janice Nye Lutz and Michael Bouy at Zion Baptist Church, Tonbridge

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