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Ann Nye

Christening record for Ann Nye, daughter of Thomas and Anne Nye
Christening record for Ann Nye, daughter of Thomas and Anne Nye
Above is a copy of the christening record of Ann Nye from the Parish Registers of Leigh, Kent, England in the year 1778.

Ann Nye is the second child born to Thomas Nye and Anne Walker (click on the link for a list of siblings).  Her christening took place on 31 May 1778 in the parish church at Leigh, Kent, England.

She married James Harber at Shoreham, Kent on 5 June 1803. James had been born 6 March 1784 and was over a year old when he was christened in Eynsford, Kent. (Note: Eynsford, Horton Kirby and Sutton at Hone are in the Dartford area.)
Marriage record for James Harber and Ann Nye
Marriage record for James Harber and Ann Nye
When my son and I were in Kent it was only for two days and there was no time to visit all of the areas where our family had lived, but as we drove back to London I did see the signs for a Dartford turnoff and would have loved to have been able to spend some time there.

The children of Anne Nye and James Harber are detailed below.

Thomas Harber
Thomas Harber was christened 20 November 1803 at Sutton at Hone, Kent. He married Jane Hodge about 1831. They had eight children, all girls, between 1832 and 1850. His wife Jane died in 1869 and is buried at Horton Kirby.

Thomas is found in the 1871 census living with his daughter Sefton and her family at Horton Kirby and is listed as a farm servant at the age of 67. In 1881 he lived with his daughter Jane and her family in Horton Kirby. Thomas died in 1885 and is also buried at Horton Kirby.

Mary Harber
Mary was the next child, her christening took place on 23 February 1806 at Sutton at Hone. She married Richard Head on 2 July 1825 at Farnborough and they proceeded to have 11 children in the next 22 years.

Richard Head died in 1859 and the 1861 census shows that Mary was working as a char woman in Sutton at Hone. Wikipedia defines char woman or char lady as a woman hired to do cleaning etc. for others. It has the same roots as a chore woman.

The 1871 census shows Mary visiting with her youngest daughter Emily and her family at Sutton at Hone. Next we find Mary in 1881 as a 75 year old widow living in an alms house.

Wikipedia has the definition of almshouse as a home for the poor who could no longer work, the funds for these homes came from taxes.

Mary died in January 1886 and is buried in Sutton at Hone with her husband.

James Harber
The next child of James Harber and Ann Nye is James Harber who was christened on 7 February 1808 in Sutton at Hone. He married Elizabeth Vallinder in 1849 and was her second husband. She had been married to James Barnes and had 7 children. There were no children born to James Harber and Elizabeth Vallinder Barnes.

The census of 1841 has James at Swanscombe, Kent listed as a laborer, in 1851 he was in So. Darenth, Kent and was an agricultural laborer, then in 1861 he was working as an agricultural laborer in Sutton at Hone.

James died in April 1870 and is buried in Sutton at Hone. Elizabeth lived until January 1900. The 1881 and 1891 census' have her listed living in an Alms House in Sutton at Hone.

William Harber
William Harber, child #4 was christened on 3 Dec 1809 at Sutton at Hone. On 2 June 1832 he married Harriet Edith Harber, no relationship found.

There were 8 children born but it is extremely difficult to learn who the father or fathers of Harriet's children was of were.

At some time William disappeared possibly in the service during a war and Harriet lived with John Young as his housekeeper. At least the last two children were John Young's but some of the other children used the name Harber, then Young and sometimes Harber-Young so John probably fathered all but the first two children. Harriet always listed William Harber as the father of her children when they were christened.

No marriage has ever been located for John Young and Harriet Harber possibly because she never received notification of a death of William so never married John. Or maybe she didn't feel it was necessary when they had lived together as husband and wife for years.

Harriet died in 1882 in Dartford where she is buried. John died in 1885 and is also buried in Dartford.

John Harber
Child number 5 was John Harber who was christened on 19 April 1812 in Wilmington, Kent. He married Sophia Porter from Scotland on 19 October 1844. They didn't have children. In 1851 and 1861 at the time of the census they were living in Sutton at Hone, then in 1871 and 1881 they were in Bromley. John was always listed as a laborer. He died in March of 1886 in Bromley, Kent and Sophia died in June of 1888 also in Bromley.

Sarah Harber
About 1815/1816 another daughter, Sarah, was born to James Harber and Ann Nye. She was not christened until 1836 as an adult baptism.

Sarah Nye married Stephen Nash, who had been christened on 19 January 1817, on 18 October 1840 in Farnborough, Kent. They had one child Emily christened 15 September 1844 in Darenth, Kent.

Emily married Henry Poole in Middlesex and they had six children. The Poole family always lived with Emily's parents. After the death of Sarah in 1882 in Dartford and the death of Henry Poole in 1885, Emily and her children continued to live with her father Stephen. Stephen worked as a laborer in a paper mill, later becoming a mill wright according to the various census information. He died in 1905 in Dartford.

Elizabeth Harber
Elizabeth was born next to James and Ann Harber in about 1819 but was not christened until 1836 in Sutton at Hone, on the same day as her sister Sarah.

Elizabeth married Samuel Parker on 13 Oct 1838. All nine of their children were born in England but were christened in various villages and towns such as Dartford, St. Mary Cray, Sidcup, St. Paul Cray and Chislehurst all in the Dartford area. Samuel was a laborer and they probably moved to find better employment.

In 1890 Elizabeth died at Foots Cray and later Samuel and some of the grown children emigrated to Queensland, Australia where they lived and are buried giving us another tie to Australia. In 1894 Samuel died at Kenmore, Queensland, Australia.

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