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Richard Nye

Richard Nye christened 24 Mar 1782 at Leigh, Kent, England was the third child and first son of Thomas Nye and Ann Walker Nye. Nothing is known about Richard until his marriage to Elizabeth Avis who had been born in Edenbridge, Kent. They were married at Shipborne, Kent on 10 November 1806. One of the witnesses to their marriage was Richard's brother John.

Beginning in 1807 and ending in 1828 there were 11 children born to this marriage:

  • William Nye born 1807
  • Richard Nye born 1809
  • Harriet Nye born 1810
  • Thomas Nye born 1812
  • Elizabeth Nye born 1815
  • John Nye born 1817
  • George Nye born 1820
  • Ann Nye born 1822
  • Susan Nye born 1824
  • Frances Nye born 1826 
  • and James Nye born 1828.

The 1841 census notes that Richard was a farmer and two of his sons who were living at home, Richard and John were blacksmiths.

In 1851 we find that Richard was a farmer of 65 acres, his daughter Frances was the farm agent, son George was a farmer and grandson Henry's occupation was that of blacksmith.

On 22 October 1853 Richard Nye age 71, farmer, died at Charcott as a result of a diseased ankle joint.
Richard Nye death certificate
Richard Nye death certificate

The will of Richard was signed on the day of his death and has some very interesting information contained in it. He owned 3 farms which were named Hale farm, Charcott farm and Bennett farm. The blacksmithing business was conducted at Charcott.

In 2010 when we drove to Charcott we found a bed and breakfast establishment and a few houses but no signs of any blacksmithing. In retrospect we should have stopped and asked some questions. Would there have been some wonderful information pertaining to the family to be found? Thanks to Jennifer Cox, we now have the following information:

And from Judy Coutts we now have an 1880s photo of Charcott Farm.

Son Richard inherited the blacksmith business with exception of an anvil and a set of bellows being bequeathed to son John. Thomas and James inherited all of the farming stock and instruments of husbandry live and dead stock and effects at Hale farm, after legacies were paid.

The children were bequeathed the following monies: Harriet, Frances and grandson Henry each twenty pounds, William and John thirty pounds each; Elizabeth, Ann and Susan each forty pounds.

Charcott and Bennett farms were to continue to be farmed by Richard's wife Elizabeth with their son George being directed to live with his mother and assist her in carrying on the business of said farms. George was to receive ten pounds per year out of the profits of the farms.

Elizabeth was also empowered to manage Richards estate and after her death, the children were to inherit equally except that George would inherit an extra one hundred fifty pounds. In 1861 in addition to Elizabeth, George, Frances, Ann, and two grandchildren there was a servant and two laborers living at Charcott.

True to his father's wishes George did not marry until after his mother's death.

Elizabeth died in 1863 and she and Richard and their son Richard and their son John and his wife Fanny were all buried in the church yard at Leigh. We visited their graves and found that their stones are mostly readable and can be viewed by clicking on the link.

The children and their spouses were as follows:

William Nye
William married Jemima Marchant in 1834 and they had 3 children, after Jemima's death he married Dinah Gasson and there were four children born to them. He died 20 Apr 1883 at Tonbridge, Kent

Richard Nye
Richard never married. The National Probate Calendar 1861-1941 lists Richard Nye, late of Charcott in the Parish of Leigh in the County of Kent, blacksmith, bachelor who died 25 Aug 1859 at Charcott left effects under 300 pounds. His brother James was named as executor.

Harriet Nye
Harriet was the mother of Henry who was born in 1830 and in 1833 she married Richard Woodhams and they had 9 children. She was buried 29 Aug 1896 at Hildenborough, Kent

Thomas Nye
Thomas never married and in 1861 and 1871 was living at Hale Oak farm, farming 147 acres with his brother James. Their sister Susan lived with them and they employed three laborers and 2 servants in 1861. In 1881 Thomas was living with his sister Frances and her husband John Gasson in Sundridge, Kent and his occupation was laborer. Some problems must have arisen between Thomas and James or James' wife.

In 1891 the census shows John and Frances Gasson living on a farm in Tatsfield, Surrey and Thomas is living with them as a boarder. He died at Tatsfield in 1897.

Elizabeth Nye
Elizabeth married James Snashall and they had four children. After James' death Elizabeth married Joseph Gasson about 1852 and they had only one child. We have no information on her death or burial.

John Nye
John married Fanny Knight about 1845 and their children number four. At the time of his death 15 March 1886 at Charcott, John's personal estate was worth ninety pounds. By 22 March 1889 when Fanny died her worth is listed as seventy eight pounds. These figures have been quoted from The National Probate Calendar 1861-1941 and found on

The children of John and Fanny Nye are:

  • Ann Nye, born 1846 in Leigh, Kent
  • Jane Nye, born 21 Nov 1847 in Leigh, Kent
  • Alfred Nye, born 1851 in Leigh, Kent
  • Henry Nye, born 1856 in Leigh, Kent
Jane Nye birth record
Birth record for Jane Nye

George Nye
George married Emily Harriet Chubb in 1874, they had three children. He was buried 12 Dec 1899 at Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Marriage record for George Nye & Emily Harriet Chubb
George Nye & Emily Harriet Chubb marriage record

Ann Nye
Ann married Thomas Sturt on 28 November 1857 and had one child, then married James Charman in 1873 after child bearing age. She died June quarter 1883 at Sundridge, Kent
Marriage record of Ann Nye and Thomas Sturt
Ann Nye & Thomas Sturt marriage record

Susan Nye 
Susan's only child was Edward born in 1851. She didn't marry until about 1875 when she married widower James Tapsell. She died September quarter 1903 at Sevenoaks, Kent

Frances Nye
Frances married widower John Gasson after 1861 and did not have children. She died June quarter 1914 at Godstone, Surrey

James Nye
James married Caroline Francis from Sussex in 1861 in Surrey. Their first child was born in Lodsworth Sussex, then five more were born at Hale Oak Farm in Sevenoaks, Kent. He died 11 Sep 1919 at Godstone, Surrey
Birth record of Elizabeth Nye
Elizabeth Nye birth record - daughter of James Nye and Caroline Francis

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